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Our goal is for international sales so USD is the most logical currency.

Don’t panic if you’re Canadian. To make it up to you, that price includes free shipping.


More will be coming soon!

We are doing a lot of research and development in the studio. follow us on social media to see what else (and when) we release.



a Sneak Peek at

The Second Edition of Gearing & Kinetics

We have been working hard for the last couple months to develop new systems and mechanisms for creating kinetic jewellery. In this iteration, we have discovered restrictions that not only make designing faster, but it allows you, the one who will own the jewellery, to design it. It is looking like we will be releasing this series more officially in November, but if you really want a custom pendant you can still get a hold of us.


Who is involved in making Gearing jewellery?


For the sake of transparency, we want to be open about how Gearing jewellery is manufactured. Its a combined effort to get a finished piece of Gearing jewellery in your hands, but it is always worth it.


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We work with Dave Sangra and his company Cimtech to manufacture all of the parts which require absolute precision. They supply the gears, Gearings, and other small parts that we use throughout our jewellery. These parts come from China because that is the most commercially viable approach. 

Our custom designed plates that adorn the front and back of our jewellery are laser cut here in Alberta.

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our studio

The manufactured parts arrive in our studio for us to use. Most of our work is put together only when it has been ordered. This ensures that every piece we built for an owner, while being sustainable by reducing parts that may otherwise be wasted.

Our studio is a factory of ideas. We take time to create new systems we can work within, but also have the capabilities to prototype and test work we make before going public with it.


You (In our custom line)

By choosing the frontplate, backplate, gear system, etc, in a piece, you are taking a role in its fabrication as the designer.

We have engineered systems that allow for an ever expanding combination of possibilities in design so that you can play. Nobody else in the world will have the same pendant as you.

Where can you design your own custom jewellery? For now, just at markets where we are showing. In the near future we will begin developing an app to allow you to design anything you want online.