The Gearing

The Gearing


The Gearing is a unique spinner ring. You can wear it alone, or use it as a component in a larger piece of jewellery to work a mechanism. This versatility drove all of the First Edition ideas for Armet jewellery, and we continue to use it in some of the Second Edition pendants as well.

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The Details

We use stainless steel and brass as our materials. They can stand the pressure put on the gears much better than traditional precious metals like gold and silver (but we hope to add those as options in the future).

The History

Where it all began. When Dylan Puddu approached Jeff de Boer and Dave Sangra they began developing and manufacturing the Gearing based on a hand-built prototype by Dylan.

Will it fit?

To add ease to buying Gearings, we have supplied the inner diameter of the rings here as an aid to what the sizes represent. Why? Throughout the world, there actually isn't a single consistent sizing chart that everyone follows, so the real dimensions should clarify what we are offering (particularly if you have a means of measuring your fingers or rings you currently have, such as with a pair of calipers).

Inner Diameter in mm:

Size 6: 16.65mm x 16.65mm
Size 7: 17.25mm x 17.25mm
Size 10: 19.6mm x 19.6mm
Size 11: 20.4mm x 20.4mm
Size 14: 23.1mm x 23.1mm

Why don't you offer size ____?

To be honest, it is quite expensive to create the tools needed to manufacture every new size of Gearing. The sizes we have are a bit strange because we wanted to make sure we could create the largest, the smallest, and some ring sizes in the middle as well. Your feedback will help us determine which sizes to manufacture next, so please let us know!

Requested Sizes