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The original steampunk and a love for motion.

This is our story.


Bringing makers together to make custom jewellery accessible to all.

Founded by Jeff de Boer, Armét is a company that serves as a commercial front for members of the organization known as LEXM, or the League of Extraordinary Makers. A touch grandiose? Maybe. But what else can you call a place that brings together objects like handmade cat armor, extravagant industrial lamps, and large scale public art? (I know, we couldn't think of anything else either.)

Together, we are bound by the statement "Things Worth Making" and seek to bring the kind of creative that made our members famous to a level that is accessible by a larger audience. Right now, that means in the form of jewellery. In the future we will be releasing all different kinds of creative work that our members have been working on.


What is coming up?


We have grand ambitions for what Armét can become, and it is said that goals are easier to achieve when you have them written down. These are the big milestones we have planned for our future as a company.



A Custom Kinetics Designer

Sure, you can come to our website or our Etsy and buy off-the-shelf designs right now. But they're not your design. Ultimately, our goal as a company is to create work for you that you resonate with, and as great as we are at designing, we aren't you.

We're getting close to having somewhere you can place custom orders at on our website, it isn't as fancy as the app we have in our heads, but it is a first step.

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Expanding Beyond Pendants

Have you ever wished you could have one of our designs on a pair of earrings? a brooch? A bolo tie? cuff links? We're looking into getting the machinery needed in order to make your wishes come true! You're welcome.